Tuesday, September 26

Neneh’s Arrest Was  a Disrespect to the Court’s Ruling – Suwareh

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By: Nyima Sillah

The United Democratic Party Youth Wing Second Vice President Hagie Suwareh argued that the arrest of Neneh Freda was a disrespect to the Court rulings by the executives.

Speaking to The Voice after the arrest, on Wednesday, Suwareh argued that in a society where there is no law, there will be no peace and that the Government’s disregard the court rulings in favour of Global Home of Medical Mission (HOMM) was direct interference with the independence of the Judiciary. And also that ignoring the court rulings means that

the government is telling the Judiciary to rule in Government’s favour either right or wrong.

Mr Suwareh added that Neneh Freda’s arrest was not a surprise to him, and claimed that if a court order can be disregarded and disrespected by the executive and nothing comes out of it, then no doubt that (this) Government will torture, kill, and even disappear citizens.

“The judiciary is the main hope for the powerless citizens. If we have differences we expect them to maintain the peace and stability in the country, but now Barrow-led government is telling us that they are above court rulings and they will not respect court verdicts that go against their wishes,” he alleged.

He went further that the fight for the so-called 5 Star hotel is all lies “the government has no share in it and it will be solely owned by a private person, they are allocating it to a foreign business partner in whom individually top officials have pocketed a lot of money.”

Suwareh further called on the Gambians to prepare themselves to defend the country against the worst dictatorship that is looming.