Friday, September 22

NEPA Prexy Promises to Work Harmoniously With Authorities

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Veteran journalist Mr. Pap Saine has acknowledged the enormity of the responsibility entrusted to him by the Newspaper Publishers’ Association (NEPA) by electing him President but promised to work harmoniously with authorities for the realization of NEPA’s objectives.

Mr. Saine pointed out that media and authorities are partners in development as he emphasized the need for the fourth estate and authorities to sit over issues around the table to amicably deal with misunderstandings and reinforce each other’s efforts.

“I know my task is great, and I look forward to working with the authorities in a cordial manner, as I steer the affairs of this noble and responsible association together with my colleague publishers, all of whom are highly experienced and responsible media owners,” Saine also the co-founder and co-publisher of The Point acknowledged in a statement issued to The Voice two days after his election.

“I would like the authorities to know that we are not enemies but partners in development. We should therefore always sit down and talk over matters to clear misunderstandings and support each other,” he emphasized.

The veteran journalist expressed gratitude to Allah “for making this landmark Newspaper Publishers Association (NEPA) in The Gambia possible and for letting me be elected its Chairperson. I thank God for that!”

He also thanked NEPA for his election.

“I would also like to thank my colleague publishers for electing me as their President for it is also a demonstration of respect and honour for me, despite having been at the helm of affairs of the Media Industry in this country for many years – I should say decades. I am elated!”

“I am also appealing to the business community to support the media by advertising their products and services, which is part of promoting the economy of The Gambia since advertisement is a sector that contributes to the economic growth of a country or nation,” The Point boss stated.

“The People and the MDAs – Ministries, Departments and Agencies – should also be subscribing to newspapers for, among other things, factual and reliable information, knowledge, and for record purposes. In conclusion, I would like to say we are here to defend the public, especially the voiceless,” he concluded.