Wednesday, March 22

Nepotism Is Greatly Hindering Development in This Country- Alasan Gitteh

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By: Nicholas Bass

Mr. Alasan Gitteh, a lecturer at the School of Business and Public Human Resources Unit, University of The Gambia said nepotism is greatly hindering development in this country.

In an exclusive interview with The Voice on Friday, Mr. Gitteh said nepotism has caused un-development in The Gambia, creating migration of competent Gambians into the west for better jobs.

“The trend of nepotism has compelled many competent Gambians to migrate to the West for a better living and it is creating a vacuum in our sectors. Most of the Gambians were given public positions based on nepotism which is greatly hindering the development of the country,” he opined

Mr. Ceesay further stated that the problem of nepotism has further created a high rate of corruption, and selective justice that comes through what he described as a “divide and rule system” resulting in great set back both in the public and private sectors.

Gitteh claimed that the Gambia public sectors are highly dominated by incompetent people who were given positions based on nepotism.

However, he advised that for the country to develop, competent people should be given the right position at the right time for a better Gambia. Noting that, the Gambian government should be willing to create jobs for skillful youths of this country.

“Gambian youths are not lazy to work but their lack of jobs has hindered their skills and if they are given support, they will greatly explore their potential,” he stressed.

He urged leaders of the public and private sectors to select competent people who will steer the affairs of their sectors for a better Gambia while reminding them about the decentralised policy of the late President Jawara.

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