Wednesday, June 7

Netherlands NGO donates D3 Million Ramadan gift to needy Gambians

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Betty Ceesay

In response to one of the major pillars of Islam, Cemiyatul Hyre Relief Organization (CHRO) together with International Humanitarian Hulporganisatie Netherlands (IHHNL) and Al-Khattab Foundation on Sunday distributed food items to needy Gambians worth D3 million dalasi as gifts in the Holy month of Ramadan.

The charitable international organisations are non-governmental and are based in Holland, and the representatives are mostly Turkey citizens, based in the Netherlands, our source confirmed.

A total number of one thousand nine hundred twenty-two (1,922) less privileged families benefited from the donation made by these humanitarian organizations.

In the first disbursement, the organisations distributed 400 bags (10kg) of sugar, 400 gallons (3 liters) of cooking oil, and 400 boxes (10kg) of Macaroni to needy families in Njau district, Upper Saloum. The same distribution was made in the Abuko community on 9th April 2023, where over 470 families benefited from this year’s donation.

Musa Jallow is the Country Coordinator of CHRO-Gambia. In his statement, he asserted that Sunday’s Ramadan donation was meant to give a helping hand to needy Gambian citizens across the country.

“Over D3 million was spent in this year’s Ramadan. This huge amount was brought in by these representatives to purchase food commodities to put smiles on the faces of the underprivileged families, so they can also be happy with Ramadan,’’ he added.

Jallow further said: “As we all know, food commodities and other items are skyrocketing but despite these challenges, these organisations are here again to satisfy the needs of these poor families.’’

Giving a short history of how the organisations have been contributing immensely to the development of the nation, Jallow said the Al-Khattab Foundation has donated over 151 ICU beds to the Ministry of Health in 2020. IHHNL has also been donating Ramadan gifts to needy Gambians since 2012.

“We built almost 4 to 5 Arabic schools. We had a lot of children in these schools. We also built a medical clinic in Medina Salaam. Right now, we are constructing 5 schools for the government. Thanks to IHHNL, we appreciate their participation in these areas,’’ he explained.

Jallow further thanked the government of the Gambia for giving them such room to participate and facilitate to ensure these gestures reach the needy families in the country.

“On behalf of my partners, I thank the government of the Gambia for allowing us to give back to its citizens,’’ he thanked.

Lihat Bagli, a representative for IHHNL said their organisation has been active for 30 years in helping poor families across 35 different countries around the world, especially in Africa.

“Today 9th April makes us 12 years in the Gambia. We are from the Netherlands and the donations are from the people of the Netherlands who are supporting the needy Gambians. We want to make the world a better place for everyone,’’ he remarked.

Yavuz Selim, another representative of the same organisation (IHHNL) felt that the Muslim brotherhood, and sisterhood around the world, and most especially the African people need help.

“We are here with people in need. To share whatever we have because people do not choose to be born poor. No one has chosen to be in poverty. So, we want to share our wealth with the people in need in the world, especially our Muslim brothers. This is our main inspiration,’’ he added.   

Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, Adama Jammeh thanked the charitable organisations and quickly added that items will go a long way in helping ease their worries in this year’s Ramadan.

“We are happy to receive this Ramadan gift from these organisations. They have been doing it. The food items will help us and our children during this holy month of Ramadan,’’ she expressed appreciation.

Jammeh calls on her fellow beneficiaries to continue praying for the laudable organisations. She explained that organisations are not only focusing on food support for needy families but are also building schools, and helping orphans through clothing, accommodation, and all the necessary support.