Friday, December 8

New Ferry Service Management on tour to improve services – Says Minster Sillah

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Ebrima Sillah, the Honorable Minister for Transport, Works and Infrastructure on Wednesday 20 September 2023 told deputies at the National Assembly that the new management of the Gambia Ferry Services was currently touring the ferry crossing points nationwide in order to improve services in those affected regions of the country, notably Bansang and other areas.

“The Ministry of Transport and the Gambia Ferry Service are in cognizance of the fact that the ferry situation in the Kerewan-Bush Town Crossing Point needs to be improved and that currently there is an ongoing nationwide survey on the provincial ferries in order to make them more efficient,” he told the deputies.

On road construction in the country, Minister Sillah further explained that the initial contractual period of the 50km OIC roads project was two years and had elapsed, adding that his Ministry has successfully negotiated with the Saudi funds and they have given them another timeline to finish the project and that all hands are on deck towards the successful implementation of that.

According to the Minister, the road linking Choya to Dangkunku and beyond is not part of the 355km of roads recently launched for construction this year, but was quick to add that once funding is available for the construction of rural roads, they would be considered.