Saturday, June 3

New group of Cuban health professionals in Gambia to continue mutual solidarity

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A new group of Cuban health professionals will join the island’s Medical Brigade (BMC) that has been in Gambia for almost three decades to continue the historic solidarity that unites the two sister nations.
The doctors, graduates and professors from the largest of the Antilles recently arrived in Banjul, and in the coming days they will begin to heal and save lives in different regions of this small but very grateful West African country, in addition to teaching classes at the Faculty of Medicine from the University of The Gambia.

The head of the BMC, Dr. Juan Francisco Oquendo Montes, and the Cuban ambassador, Rubén G. Abelenda, officially welcomed the new health workers on Monday, with whom they discussed the relevance of their assistance work here.

For his part, the Caribbean diplomat stressed that the arrival of the group demonstrates once again that his country, despite the difficulties it faces due to the blockade that is unfairly imposed on it, will continue to show solidarity with The Gambia, as is this nation of Africa with the Antillean archipelago.

He concluded that both countries are united by historical ties of friendship that can never be broken.