Thursday, June 1

New World Bank country director visits project sites

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These project sites are among the scores of projects sponsored by the World Bank. One of the biggest and the most welcomed World Bank project is the Social Safety Net Project (SSNP) which is geared towards alleviating rural poor households from poverty.   

During the visit on Wednesday, Madam Miwa toured the sponsored structures and was briefed on the progress of work at various sites. Speaking to the press after the visit, Country Director Miwa said she was delighted at the level of progress so far registered at the sites.

Asked if the money was well spent, she said: “Investing in human capital on education and health is one of the best investments the World Bank can make.”

Ahmadou Lamin Samateh, Minister for Health also briefed journalists on the progress of work at the Farato Emergency Treatment Centre. He described the work as impressive, saying that the medical facility would be an emergency treatment centre for the nation.

Minister Samateh added that the Gambia government was able to realise such a structure with the support of the World Bank. 

“This is a phenomenal project and a lot of progress for the country’s people,” he affirmed, saying: “The project has gone very far. We have expanded the scope of the project and we are told that the current building will be completed in December and the entire project will be finished by February 2024.” 

He stated that the new centre would have an x-ray machine, CD scanners, brand new MRI and more facilities that would be of great importance and use to the people of The Gambia. “This is remarkable,” he applauded the initiative, saying he was optimistic about the completion of works by February 2024.