Sunday, December 4

Nianija Constituency is neglected from electricity supply – Hon Camara

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By Binta Jaiteh

Honourable Amadou Camara, the National Assembly member for Nianija Constituency has lamented that his constituency has been neglected from benefitting from the electricity supply.

He cried out loud that “once and for all we need to be recognized as far as electricity is concerned, Nianija and Upper Saloum, we are the only two constituencies that is having electricity.”

Honourable Camara revealed this during the adjourning debate among the members.

According to him, he said it is high time the Nianija people protest and even move to the State House because “we need it I am appealing, the people of Nianija are neglected by the previous and current regime. I can’t understand the plans and programs but all we need is to start bringing poles to the community and we will continue to talk until a difference is made. Chamen school and health center are in a bad condition. The buildings have collapsed and water is another factor the facilities are facing,” he echoed out.

According to Speaker Fa Bakary Tombong Jatta Upper Nuimi, Nianija, Janjanbureh and Niamina Dankungkung are the land luck constituencies they are Gambians and have no border with Senegal, “I think we should recognize you and get you something.”

Honourable Assan Touray member of the Bakau also noted that the executive is showing a blind eye to so many issues which should not condone most of our positions are occupied by foreigners and that is an insult to the Gambians. Noting that, for the past two years our tourism sector has been hit by the pandemic which affected so many lives in the country.

‘’ Again we have few weeks for the beginning of the 2022/2023 Tourism season and we heard the announcement from flight operators that their season operators in the county for the simple reason that the tax they are asked to pay at the airport cannot be sustainable’’ he said to the members.

Furthermore, he explained that the forthcoming season is not promising and we will keep our youths unemployed. “I asked what the Government is doing about this issue when we say tourism this is something serious because most of our lives depend on it,” he asked.

He lamented whether the country is safe because the robbery, corruption, and murder cases are becoming the order of the day even if you don’t witness it newspapers and TV are publishing it every day.

He concluded by saying the government should try and address the situation if not it means the country is promoting corruption and that can create more problems for the development of the country.