Wednesday, October 4

Nigerian ECOMIG Troops Provides Humanitarian Aid To Gambians

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Nigerian ECOMIG Troops Providing Medical Assistance to Gambians
By Buba Gagigo

The Nigerian contingent of ECOMIG troops in the Gambia, on Wednesday, provided humanitarian aid to vendors at the Brusubi turntable garage.

The assistance encompasses a thorough cleaning operation at the Turntable garage, offering complimentary medical aid to the people of the Gambia, and supplying tents and hygiene supplies to vendors. Additionally, the military personnel undertook pothole repairs at the garage and erected shade structures for its patrons.

The commander of the Nigerian troops, Lieutenant Colonel Moreino Joseph Bent, said the exercise is intended to strengthen ECOMIG’s relationship with the Gambian people. The commander stated that this is not the first time Nigerian troops have conducted such an exercise, as previous Nigerian troops have conducted similar exercises in other parts of the country.

He said they decided to choose Turntable this year time because the location touches the lives of many people in the Gambia.

“We also believe that conducting a medical exercise here will give many people the opportunity to have easy access to free medical support,” the commander said.

The Public Relations Office of the Nigerian ECOMIG Contingent in the Gambia, Major Asola-Fadola said their mission in the Gambia is not just for security reasons but also for humanitarian aid;

“They shouldn’t see ECOMIG as a force that is here for security reasons. No! It is not only for security reasons. Even if it is only for security reasons, they themselves are the reason why the ECOMIG force is here but aside from security reasons, we have humanitarian reasons as well,” the ECOMIG spokesperson said.

The Chef de Garage of the Turntable garage, Pap Mbye expressed joy and thanked the Nigerian ECOMIG troops for the gesture while Tawa Makinde and Isatou Camara who both benefited from the medical assistance, also thanked the Nigerian ECOMIG troops for the gesture.

“We are very happy because they helped us to clean out the garage and gave us medical assistance. We are very happy,” Pap Maybe, The Chef de Garage at the Turntable garage, said.