Tuesday, May 30

Nigerian-Gambian Wives Association executive pays homage to Nigerian High Commission in Gambia

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By Yunus S Saliu

As per courtesy demands, Nigerian-Gambian Wives Association – The Gambia newly elected executive members, on Thursday, 23rd March 2023 paid a courtesy visit to the Nigerian High Commission in The Gambia at Nigeria High Commission in Bakau.

The courtesy visit was used to introduce and present the 6-women newly elected members to the High Commission and as well discussed their aims and objectives.

Also, they used the opportunity to discuss with the High Commission different issues which include concrete bilateral relationships, trade opportunities for the members of the association, peaceful coexistence, and among other pertinent issues.

Receiving the executive members, Ambassador Muhammed Manu, Nigerian High Commission to The Gambia welcomed the newly elected executive members of the association and applauded all the members for their love, faith, and belief in Nigerians, especially on intermarriage. 

He dilated on the good relationship between Nigeria and The Gambia while he assured them of the Nigeria High Commission’s support in their endeavour as he told them that his door is always open for any consultation and assistance.

Nigerian-Gambian Wives Association The Gambia has formed some years ago and comprises Gambian women that are married to Nigerian men and with over fifty members.

The newly elected executive members resumed office in January 2023 after the election and will spend two years in office.