Tuesday, March 28

No government will survive without elements of Socialism – Abdou Aziz Sohna –

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By Binta Jaiteh

Abdou Aziz Sohna, PDOIS aspiring councilor for Dippa Kunda ward has said “no government will survive without the elements of Socialism.”

In an interview with this medium, Sohna said it is high time to stop misinforming the people for political interest about the PDOIS party, adding that the party operates on values and principles that should be abided and adhered to at all time.

“We intend to give you proper representation at council and it is important to send a representative that has the ability and intellect of understanding issues at the council level for the benefit of all.There is a big deliberate denial by society not the message and we have some group of gangsters always misleading the general public, this trajectory has to be stopped by us immediately. We have been molding for SOCIALISM for so long in our suitable ways to defeat progress of common good as if the ideology is alien,” he pointed out.Sohna stressed that he knows the problems of DippaKunda and is assured to solve those problems collectively, adding their mandate is COMMUNAL GROWTH & YOUTH EMPOWERMENT which gives them a moral obligation.

He added that their community has been a victim of flood for many years now and nothing tangible has been said about it.

“Our community is becoming the new crime hub because we are in the hands of exploiters, during the rainy season people are forced to stay indoors and denied access to their daily hustle to feed their families.”

He argued that the youths are not exposed to the realities of this 21st century and they are left confined to believe in the opposite.

“We are in the heart of KMC and we also want to have a community library that will teach our people and transform the lives and livelihood of people while the women and girls are going to assist in acquiring handy skills for sustenance.

We are going to structure a functioning office that will establish committees to run the communities, build an avenue for transparency and accountability, and create that level ground between us and our diaspora for smooth partnership,” he promised.