Thursday, June 1

No impunity for human rights violation – McAllister

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Held at the European Union’s office in Fajara, Mr McAllister further stated: “We noted in this regard the Gambia’s active interest to promote human rights issues on the international levels including its case with Myanmar at the International Court of Justice.”

During the delegation’s visit on Tuesday and Wednesday, MEPs had the opportunity to exchange truthful exchanges with government representatives, Parliament counterparts and the representatives of Civil Society Organisations. 

He told journalists that the EU’s partnership with The Gambia is highly valued, saying they have seen The Gambia as a solid and reliable partner.

He explained that the EU has supported The Gambia from the very first hour of its democratic transition process starting in 2017. 

“Our support, both financial and political, to the ongoing consolidation of democracy, national reconciliation and socio-economic development remain unchanged,” he assured. “Gambia is one of the countries that will benefit from the EU Global Gateway Project to improve the infrastructure along the trial Dakar-Abidjan corridor.” 

He stated that during the visit, his team discussed various issues of mutual interests that include focus on the current geopolitical region pertaining to the Russian war against Ukraine, which has been ongoing for more than a year.  

He emphasised that the consequences of this aggression are felt all over the world, saying the energy and food crises are the most evident. 

“We have discussed the shared understanding that the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine is a violation of the UN Charter and the international rule-based order,” he said. “We made it clear that the war is a brutal attack on the most fundamental values and democratic principles and it should be a matter of deep concern to all.”  

Chair McAllister welcomed The Gambia’s large minded stance in solidarity with Ukraine including at the level of the UN. 

He said his team shares the interest and necessity to uphold a multilateral system based on rule, reiterating that it is a valued element that underpins the two parties’ partnership.

On regional dynamics in West Africa and the Sahel, he continued that they expressed their concern over threats, stability, security and democracy that some countries in the region face and the profound regional and international consequences these challenges have. 

“Cooperation within the EU and ECOWAS countries on matters of security, development, humanitarian and democracy support system, the peace and security across the region are key,” he said.

“We also discussed the progress that The Gambia has made and steps are still undertaken in the process of democratic consolidation.”  

He reiterated EU’s support to The Gambia on efforts towards implementing the pending reforms that would help the country complete this important process. 

He emphasised his stance with The Gambia in achieving an important milestone of the long pending constitutional and the security sector reforms. 

He said the EU hopes to see The Gambia achieve its objective through political commitment and cross party dialogue in an inclusive consultation process, including with CSOs to the benefit of all citizens.  

“On transitional justice, we took note of the ongoing work and look forward to seeing recommended measures of the White Paper implemented including the setting up of the special prosecutor’s office at the hybrid court in partnership with ECOWAS,” he stated.  

“We express our strong hopes that The Gambia efforts and commitment to the process will in the end result in sustainable reconciliation and guarantees for non recurrence for all. It is our shared understanding that the fight against this trend should be continued at multilateral levels.”