Friday, June 2

Nominated candidate Urges Gambians to vote for competent& responsible leaders

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By Binta Jaiteh

Samba Touray, former Independent contestant for National Assembly elections and now nominated candidate for the People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and socialism (PDOIS) has urged Gambians to vote for competent and responsible leaders in the upcoming Local Government and the 2026 Presidential elections.

In an interview with Touray, he said it is high time for the electorates to study the kind of leaders they elect into office because if they don’t select people who are responsible the resources and funds of the poor people will go astray.

“A developing country like Gambia needs God-fearing leaders who are ready to sacrifice and manage our funds in the right direction, the country needs tangible development that can boost the country to another level” he stressed.

 “We should rescue the country before things fall apart as we all know how Gambians suffered during the past regime and still some are living that trauma hoping that this current government will address those atrocities and make sure that dictatorship is eradicated in the country forever but still no sign of that is given,” he said.

He further stated that the current condition of the country is a nightmare and people continue to suffer to survive, complaints are received every day without the government finding solutions for those problems.

However, he added that as a people representative, he is ready to stand firm and rescue my people, and therefore appealed to the Kanifing Municipality Council to consider my ward regarding a place for the cemetery and befitting market for the women to sell.

“As far I am concerned the problem of my constituency is huge but with my capacity, some of those problems will be solved. Youth unemployment and price hike has been a burning issue in this country for the past years and still, no strategy is put in place. It is high time for the electorates to be mindful and decide again,” pointed out.

He advised the people not to vote in favoritism but to vote based on the interest of the people because they are the ones who will elect them to deliver and provide for their needs, even not all.