Tuesday, December 6

Nominated MP calls for reconciliation among Gambians

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By Binta Jaiteh

Maimuna Ceesay Darboe, nominated National Assembly member, has called for reconciliation among Gambians with political differences.

Speaking exclusively with The Voice, she said the National People’s Party’s National Assembly members are willing and ready to work with other National Assembly members in the parliament.

“We like to work with the National Assembly members and for them to also understand that this annex is not for party politics, but for nation development and better policies. Let’s leave all party politics outside the annex and focus on Gambia,” she urged other members.

She went on that “We expect that Gambians are willing to work with us, for that being the case they select you out of the rest to represent them at the National Assembly and for the past five years the country has been messed with hate speeches and abusive languages reconciliation should be the first priority of the National Assembly.”

She continued that “Gambians need sensitization on the female representative because these last parliamentary elections, I have my own take you have few women that contested they tried their franchise which is a constitutional mandate to them unfortunately only 3 were successfully to made it through to the National Assembly.”