Monday, November 28

Notorious “burglar” arrested over D6.5M

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A source who is familiar with the matter has confirmed the arrest and detention of the suspect in Senegal, saying: “Security high command in The Gambia are working closely with their Senegalese counterparts with a view to extradite the suspect in the country so that he could face justice.”

It could be recalled that the AMM Financial Services Operations Manager Muhammed A. Jallow, once told local media that he was robbed at Sukuta while trying to drop the money at his brother’s home by armed men dressed in blacks with face masks.

He revealed that as he parked his car at his brother’s gate waiting to hand him the money he saw a vehicle speeding towards him. He added that he did not think they were armed robbers.

“I thought they had an emergency with the way they were driving,” he went on, saying when the men found him sitting in his car they ordered him to open the door.”

He stated that he refused to open the door and the men fired two gun shots at the passenger’s side window and forcefully opened the door, hit him in the face with a big stick and went away with the money.

He said after the men hit him, he fell to the ground and cried for help but no one came to his rescue. He added that the police have promised to investigate the matter.

Mr. Jallow said the vehicle that the armed robbers used was without a number plate but said he could identify the men if he saw them.