Sunday, March 26

NPP Back to the Ballot Box in West Coast Region –

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The ruling National People’s Party (NPP) will go back to the drawing table in the West Coast region tomorrow Tuesday to select the party candidate for the forthcoming Chairmanship election following a tie between two candidates; Mr. Ahmed Gitteh and Mr. Seedy Ceesay, on March 8, 2023, the party said in a statement made available on Saturday.

“The National People’s Party held their first ever selection of candidates for the forthcoming Mayoral and Chairmanship election, on Wednesday the 8th of March 2023 at various regions and municipalities across the country. The following candidates are selected through primaries or negotiations between the running candidates namely Banjul, Ebou Faye KMC,     Bakary Badgie, LRR Sarja Sarr, CRR South Sulayman Sawaneh, CRR North, Saikou Jawara URR, Muhamed Ceesay and NBR, Papa Tunkara,” NPP declared on Saturday.

The statement added: “The selection for the chairmanship candidate in West Coast is inconclusive as there was a tie between two candidates Mr. Ahmed Gitteh and Mr. Seedy Ceesay, as a result, the national executive committee of NPP will convene a runoff scheduled on Tuesday the 14th of March 2023 at noon; between Mr. Gitteh and Mr. Ceesay.”

“The national executive committee and the party secretariat are appealing for calm, to give democracy a chance to prevail in every aspect of the forthcoming selection process.

Our party is borne out of the basic tenets of democracy and this was manifested in our last congress; where party delegates queued throughout the night to elect the party executive. We will agree to disagree but the bigger picture is the NPP, the progressive people’s movement party,” the statement concluded.