Friday, September 29

NPP Ceases Allowance Payments to Officials

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By: Momodou Justice Darboe

Officials of the ruling National People’s Party have not been paid their monthly allowances for almost 17 months now, The Voice can report.

According to party sources, NPP has since ceased bankrolling its political operatives.

Our sources said the party decided to cut its funding to the officials shortly after the general election in 2021.

“Actually, all payments to party officials stopped three months after the presidential election,” one of the sources told The Voice.

Asked whether this situation may not have a dampening effect on the spirits of the affected officials, our source said: “It really affected the morale of many. The impact of the development could be seen in their lethargy and inertia to mobilize votes for the party (NPP) in the last legislative and local council elections,” the source added. 

Meanwhile, according to sources, NPP officials were receiving payments, depending on their positions and political clout.

Former Latrikunda Sabiji NAM Saikou Marong once complained that despite the D5000 monthly allowances paid to them, some NPP officials were not passionate about the party’s popularity and growth.