Friday, June 9

NPP Foni Sintet Ward Aspirant petitioned on citizenship issue

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By Kinteh Cham

As the dust of politics blows across the country, various registered political parties and independent candidates in the country are bracing up to tussle over the political seat within their wards.

The NPP Sintet Ward councilor aspirant, Penda S Bah has been recently petitioned by an independent candidate, Hamadi Tamba, through the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) in Brikama on the ground of her citizenship.

In a letter obtained by this medium, Hamadi Tamba claimed that Penda S Bah is not a Gambian saying that her parents migrated from Sankandi Village in Cassamance region, which is 13 Km away from Sintet to find refuge in Gambia as a result of the conflict.

According to a letter addressed to the returning officer to question the citizenship of Penda S Bah, it stated that “section 12, subsection 1 and 2 states that any person who has been ordinary resident in The Gambia for a continuous period of NOT less than 15 years and who satisfies the condition set out by subsection 2 may be applied in such manner as may be prescribed by under an act of the National Assembly to be naturalised as a citizen of The Gambia.“

He added that, adherence to sub-section (1) applicant (A) is if full age capacity by the time her parents have migrated to The Gambia, therefore cannot apply for naturalisation under her parents.

He added that he brought this to the attention of the Independent Electoral Commission to avoid foreigners intruding into Gambia’s domestic politics.