Monday, February 6

NPP has solid fundraising strategy in place

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By Yunus S Saliu

Disagreeing with some hearsay, Mr. Hagie Baniko Sissoko Secretary for National People’s Party (NPP) fundraising has disclosed that the NPP is strongly ready in contesting in all wards in the coming Local Government Elections.

In an interview with this reporter on Tuesday he disclosed that NPP has in place a strategic plan for fundraising to finance their candidates for the local government elections scheduled for April 2023.

“NPP as a team, we are one hundred percent ready for the election and we are going to have our presence in all wards, we will present 120 councilors,” including NPP partner’s candidates.

“NPP as a democratic party, our candidates are men and women that will contest in the upcoming elections they are disciplined, ready to work and development-oriented, qualified and competent candidates who have love of the Gambia and Gambians at heart.”

Commenting on having a mark in KMC, WCR, and BCC, he said the three places could be tough areas for every party “not for only NPP but for UDP, PDOIS, PPP, and other parties also. Notwithstanding, human being proposes, but God decides, so we at NPP have prepared ourselves no doubt about our victories in the election by the Grace of God,” he assured.

Dilating on cross carpeting from one party to another, he said, at NPP there is nothing to fear about saying it is normal “NPP is confident and the party has registered a lot of achievements since President Adama Barrow come to power lots of improvements have been made with series of achievements.

“This is obvious, the party and the President are proving themselves which Gambia people can see in different regions. We are working hard and soon we are coming to KMC to make it like Banjul,” he disclosed.

As a fundraising secretary for the party, “we have our fundraising strategy in place we are not expecting anything from the government. Everything we have, the party is raising on its own from our partners, sympathizers throughout the world. So this we are using to support the party and its candidates.”