Sunday, January 29

NPP is Fooling Hon Bakary Badgie – UDP Youth President

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By: Nyima Sillah

Hagie Suwaneh, UDP Youth President has claimed that NPP is fooling Hon Bakary Badgie by throwing away the opportunity he has in serving the people at the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Mr. Suwaneh made this claim recently when the Minister of Youth and Sports confirmed to Star FM that NPP wants him to contest for the mayoral position in KMC.

In an exclusive interview with this medium yesterday, Mr. Suwaneh said “NPP is fooling Hon Bakary Badgie to throw away the opportunity he has in serving the people at the Ministry of Youth and Sports. If they want to bring him to the KMC that means they are planning for embezzlement of public funds.

“If they believe he is performing, I think the youth are the majority of this country and we comprise 65% of this population. If Bakary is delivering in that sector the country will move forward but bringing him back to the KMC level should tell us that he might not be performing or they have less trust in him in that position.”

He alleged that the corruption scandal that surrounded him, that alone can deny the government a lot of opportunities to be able to convince partners to invest in that Ministry.

However, he added, the Ministry of Youth and Sports is a high position so bringing him down to the KMC is like moving him from the level that he is performing to the level that he has a high chance of losing and redundant.

The UDP Youth Leader added that the recent KM Mayor Talib Bensouda has done tremendous jobs in the KM by standing against corruption.

“Exchanging that with a man who is accused of corruption, I think the people of KMC will be wise enough to choose someone who stands against corruption instead of someone involved in corruption.

“Thus, I have maximum respect for Hon Badgie. He is someone that can do something for this country and has the constitutional right to contest in any public position,” he said.