Thursday, June 1

NPP Makes UDP a Live Supporting Machine- President Barrow

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By Mustapha Jarju

The leader of the National People`s Party (NPP), H.E President Adama Barrow, said his party has won the past presidential and national assembly elections and make the United Democratic Party (UDP) a live supporting machine.

President Barrow speaking to his supporters at a mega rally of all NPP chairmanship and mayoral candidates at Buffer Zone in Tallinding on Saturday stressed out that they defeated the UDP in presidential Election and when the National Assembly Election came some people were angry because others didn’t turn out to vote.

He added that the country is in the control of NPP and it coalition partners by the destiny of God and therefore calls on his supporters to massively vote for the NPP candidates.

“Opportunities come once, and this is a great opportunity for the NPP to concentrate and help its people and develop the country, and I have a lot of projects and did a great work in Banjul which is witness by everyone. You cannot argue on what you have seen. Therefore the people of KMC should know that this is a big opportunity because after completing my development in Banjul I am coming into KMC,” he disclosed.

However, the Leader of NPP urged his supporters in KMC to vote for NPP and make Bakary Badjie the next mayor of KMC, noting if they vote for him, he will take up what is next. 

“I have heard that if you (the NPP) supporters meet with UDP supporters they use to tell you that, still you guys are supporting NPP and you walk by your foot, and if they (the UDP supporters) found some NPP supporters who are renting, they tell them you support President Barrow and he don’t buy you a compound, my friend they are cheating your mind.

You people selected me to vote work for you, make roads for you, provided you electricity, bring you water, provide health facility for you, and doing all this for you”, Barrow intensely dismissed those words.

Meanwhile he said this is issue why they are opening an account for women who are their party supporters and even men make their head tie women will also have money, noting he will organize this with his women mobilizer and the women minister to give out loans.