Tuesday, March 21

NPP national executive committee replies UDP leader

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By Mama A. Touray

In response to the leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP) leader, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe’s statement at the victory celebration of the National Assembly Member for Kombo south constituency, the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the National People’s Party on Sunday at their political bureau in Churchill’s Town responded his statements.

According to the NPP NEC, “In pursuit of our purpose and drive for the stability and greater prosperity of this small but great country, our party noted with concern that the leader of UDP had made remarks in Gunjur that may threaten the continued peace and stability of the country, It is a political high tide now, with the local government elections to be held within the immediate horizon”

They continued that the leadership of NPP deemed it fit and necessary to join all peace-loving citizens to come out and condemn wholly for spreading words of fear and intimidation. 

According to them, the UDP leader Darboe said that President Adama Barrow wants to stifle the decision of the Supreme Court concerning setting up a Commission of Inquiry to look into the financial malpractices of some local government authorities and NPP responded that President Barrow has no time in his busy and highly dedicated schedule to deviate from his executive role of managing the Presidential affairs of this country and delving into the role or domain of the Judiciary or any other branch of the government at any time.

“Ousainou Darbo decried the ongoing investigative process of the Finance and Public Accounts Committee (FPAC) into the financial activities of local government authorities. But this oversight role is part of the normal functions of the National Assembly, and Alhagie S Darboe, Administrative Secretary of UDP is the Chairman of this FPAC. So in essence, the coming of the Councils to the National Assembly to answer questions had nothing to do with President Barrow” they stated.

They added that the whole country saw in the news the missing millions in the UDP-controlled Councils and that on the strength of the outcomes of these preliminary investigations, it is within the remits of the President of the Republic, to establish a Commission of Inquiry into such a situation.

Camara said in the Gambia under President Barrow’s regime the democratic space is boundless and there is zero interference in the province of the Judiciary and this has been demonstrated on numerous occasions.

Meanwhile, “The UDP leader also said if the results of the coming election are not tabulated properly, according to him, they will announce their own results. This is quite unfortunate, by trying to undermine the integrity of the independent electoral commission. The party is a spent force and on life supporting machine. This is manifested in last presidential elections. NPP is a progressive people’s movement, a party of peace, hope and inclusiveness, where all opinions are respectfully counted, where politics of insult are shunned”

They stated further that Lawyer Darboe’s statement is a serious threat, and a recipe for chaos and instability, adding that Barrow will preserve the integrity, peace, and harmony of this country, and he will not allow anyone to take the laws of the country into their own hands whenever decisions do not go their way.

“There is no witch-hunting in this country. President Barrow has no time to witch-hunt any law-abiding citizen. He is fair and peaceful in all his dealings, and he will never be distracted in the course of his duty to the nation. He is astute, forthright, and focused on his mission to deliver the Gambia that we all want. He will not be threatened or distracted in this” he stressed