Tuesday, March 21

NPP Primary Candidate For BAC, Basiru Darboe Resigns From NPP

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 Basiru Darboe, NPP Primary Candidate for BAC Chair

By Buba Gagigo

Basiru Darboe, a candidate in the National People’s Party (NPP) primary for Brikama Area Council (BAC) has announced his resignation from the ruling Party accusing them of lacking justice.

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“From today, I have resigned from NPP. It will be very difficult for me to do anything with NPP, and I don’t think I will ever do anything with NPP again. I have many reasons, but what I understand from being part of a party is to love and cherish each other. But if we see each other as enemies, then I will leave, and I apologize if that is disturbing to anyone,” he said through a WhatsApp audio.

On the reason of his resignation from the National People’s Party, Mr. Darboe said there is no Justice in the leadership of the National People’s Party (NPP);

“What surprised me is that I went to our compound in Bullock (Darboe Kunda), Ebrima Sillah and Dr. Sabally met me there but to my surprise, Ebrima Sillah brought his car very close to me, but he didn’t greet me. That really hurts me, because I thought of what we did together in politics. We convinced all of Darboe Kunda and took them to Adama Barrow. Also, the leadership, I didn’t say there is no Justice, but I didn’t see any justice, and it will be difficult for me to do things with these kinds of people. I am a politician and I have my people. I will make my decision when other parties approach me,” he said.

Basiru Darboe participated in the National People’s Party (NPP) primary for Brikama Area Council (BAC). He garnered no votes in that contentious primary.

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