Saturday, January 28

NPP spends over D40M in  2021- Financial Secretary

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The Financial Secretary of the National People’s Party (NPP) has revealed the year 2021 total expenditure of the party amounting to forty million, four hundred and eleven thousand six hundred dalasi(D40,411,600) and a surplus deficit of four million, fifty-three thousand and four hundred dalasi(D,300,400).

The financial statement which was read by the party’s Finance Secretary, Lamin Saidy further revealed the total income for the year which is about forty-one million nine hundred and seventy-one thousand with a cash balance of two million four hundred and ninety-four thousand dalasi.

The party’s Finance Secretary Saidy further explained: “Personal Expenditure amounted to three hundred and sixty thousand and  Administrative Expenditure was seventy-five thousand five hundred dalasi. Accounts and Audit fees were twenty-five thousand. The bank fees were nil. Cleaning Health and Safety was sixty- eight thousand dalasis among others.”

Mr. Saidy however, pointed out that there is a need to improve the current accounting system of the party to adequately meet the financial accountability of the donors and partners.

“The party should encourage rules of double entry bookkeeping, system and accepted standard accounting practices which will reference specific requirements like receipt books, purchase books and registers among others,” he observed.