Sunday, May 28

NPPWCR Campaign mobilizer confidence of triumph in the region

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By Nicholas Bass

Lamin Marong,  National People’s Party, West Coast Region Campaign Mobilizer, on Wednesday, said he is looking forward with the optimism of his party winning twenty seats in the upcoming councilors’ election slated for Saturday. 

Speaking to The Voice at the West Coast Regional Party Bureau, Lamin Marong said his party and the APRC alliance have registered twenty-eight (28) candidates to run for the position of councilor in the upcoming local government election and he is confident that they will secure twenty seats in the Region for a better West Coast Region.

”We are ready for development in the West Coast Region despite several challenges from the opposition parties who did not bring any development to the Region. I am optimistic of a positive change from those challenges if we dominate the Region in the upcoming election,” he assured.

He stressed that the outgoing Chairman of the Brikama Area Council, Sherriffo Sonko has suffered severely at the hands of the opposition parties but his candidates will turn those challenges for a better West Coast.  

He emphasized that the National People’s Party are pacesetters for national developments, noting they are hoping for one nation, one people for a better Gambia irrespective of tribe, religion, and education.

Marong however, urged all his party militants to copy the examples of his candidates who are standing for the nation’s development, adding they are emulating the example of President Adama Barrow whose priority is for the nation’s development.

He also called on all the people of the region to take ownership of their developments in maintaining the public facilities while challenging his candidates to prove their faithfulness and commitment to their supporters and the inhabitants of the region.