Wednesday, February 1

NRP will remain strong to support Barrow

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The NRP leader made this statement last Thursday at the NRP National Congress which took place at Sare Bojo village, in the Jimara Constituency, Upper River Region.

“I want to renew the National Reconciliation Party’s strong and solid ground to support Adama Barrow even if he wants to go for a third term,” Mr. Bah said.

“Our desire to form a political party for 22 years prior to Barrow coming into power cannot be mortgage to anybody, any institution and we remain committed to this party that we want to move this country forward.”

“Our desire to lead the Gambia remains as strong today as it was before,” Bah stated.

“We will support Adama Barrow and I pledge never to contest against him, but other than him, let nobody have the thinking that we will mortgage this party or our desire to anyone.”

On the issue of structuring the party, the NRP leader urged all members of the NRP to go back and re-structure and move the party forward. “Because we have seen in many times where our militants are paraded as GDC supporters, and when we know that they are NRP supporters.”

Bah further informed the gathering that NRP believes in the strong relationship with the NPP and will continue to support the Barrow led government at every level. 

“I am urging all NRP militants to make sure that this coming local government election, we do not contest against the NPP in any form.”

“I urge all militants to work with the NPP. If not, any division between the NRP and NPP would be a disaster, because the UDP would capitalise on the chance.”

The NRP leader has called on everybody to maintain the peace in the country, noting that whatever happens, Barrow will remain the president of this country. “Your desire to be a president should not make you to create violence in this country.”

“Whoever wants to create violence, you will be in the violence, and you will dance to your action because Gambians don’t want violence, they want peace.”