Wednesday, March 22

NUP Vision is about ‘Unity Against Tribal Conflict and Personal Politics’ – PRO –

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Nicholas Bass

 Saidina Abubacarr Jarjou, the public relation officer of the National Unity Party (NUP) has disclosed that the party has a vision of unifying the country for a better nation, free from tribal conflicts, nepotism, and corruption.

 Speaking to this reporter, he disclosed that his party’s vision aimed at saving the country from tribal conflict, nepotism, and corruption which has hindered its development.

 “It is enshrined in our pledge for the nation to heal our country from the broken wounds of tribal conflict, nepotism, and corruption that has caused division and instability in the Gambia politics. 

“NUP is different from any other party in the country for it is not a personal property of an individual but it is a party for all Gambians,” he pointed out.

 He explained that it comprises like-minded technocrats who are with the desire of salvaging the nation from political enmity and to draw the people together for unity that will enhance rapid development.

 “These like-minded technocrats are not passionate about being famous like it is in other political parties who take parties like a personal enterprise,” he noted.

 However “we are with the desire of decentralizing the labour workforce of the government to provincial parts of the nation which will ease the daily transactions of our beloved people,” he noted.

He said the party believes that the power belongs to the people and they should decide who should rule the nation.

 He added that NUP is unlike other political parties where politicians take their parties like personal property and they go on appointing people based on nepotism and financial ability.

He pleaded to every Gambian to be part of the party for a better nation that seeks the interest of her people.