Friday, June 2

Observers say election was peaceful

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According to EWC elections watch observer reports, the set-up and opening process has been “peaceful, orderly, and proceeding smoothly across the country. The Elections Watch Committee recorded no serious critical incident during the opening and set-up process.”

The committee reported that they had deployed 128 trained and accredited observers, which include 104 stationary polling stream observers, 10 mobile observers, and 14 regional coordinators.

They further highlighted that stationary polling stream observers have been systematically deployed based on a proportional distribution by constituency. This means that the proportion of Elections Watch Committee stationary observers closely matches the overall proportion of the IEC polling streams in each constituency and administrative area.

“For example, 34% of polling streams where Elections Watch Committee observers are deployed are in Brikama and 34% of overall polling streams are in Brikama. This proportional deployment enables the EWC to comment on the process nationally, drawing on data points from every constituency across the country. Additionally, the EWC will deploy its 14 regional coordinators to observe the collation process at the IEC’s 7 regional collation centres.” 

The CSO Coalition on Election also told the press that most of the observed polling stations were easily accessible and that the proper procedure for voting was largely followed. The coalition further observed that in almost all polling stations, voting information was correctly displayed both inside and outside the stations.

“Security was provided throughout the voting process in most of the polling stations observed. IEC polling staff and agents were present in most of the polling stations. The voting was conducted in secrecy, as required. There was no shortage of voting materials,” the coalition revealed.

They however reported that media presence was low in the polling stations observed; adding that it was also observed that accessibility for wheelchair users was a challenge at some of the polling booths.