Sunday, January 29

Official Burial of Solo Sandeng is long overdue – Hon Madi Ceesay

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By: Nyima Sillah

Hon. Madi Cessay, Chairperson of the National Assembly (NA) for the Human Rights select committee, has expressed that the official burial of Solo Sandeng is long overdue.

In an exclusive interview with The Voice newspaper, on Monday, Hon Ceesay said “It has taken too long to do justice to the remains of Solo Sandeng. Family and friends of Solo have lived all these years with Agony and the fact that their loved one is killed for no reason, for keeping the body for all these years without giving a befitting burial.

“As Muslims when somebody died, the person should be immediately buried but this was not possible in the case of late Sandeng because of circumstances surrounding his demise. but we finally come to the end of the journey. He will be laid to rest after 6-7 years, we pray Allah has Mercy on his soul,” he emotionally explained.

Hon Ceesay noted that Solo is one person in the Gambia who lead the Change of government in this country through peaceful means. “He took to the street with some of his colleagues who are alive today with a mere speaker calling for electoral reforms which lead to the beginning of the fall of Yahya Jammeh.”

According to him, anybody who is holding an electoral position in this country the credit goes to the late Solo Sandeng from the 5th Legislature to the 6th legislature to President Adama Barrow and his cabinet lots of other diplomatic institutions that are given out all those positions are possible because of Solo Sandeng.

He went on to say that Solo is steady and focused politically all these years. Adding that, nothing was able to drive him out of the part he was following until he achieves his goals.”Even though not in presence of the exiled president Jammeh but it is because of Solo Sandeng, Yahya Jammeh was uprooted here in the Gambia.

“He is the foundation of the change of government in 2016. Life became different when he took to the street and his peaceful march pass was met with brutality police brutality, the government brutality that lead to his death less than 24 hours he was tortured to death some of who are now in jail because the part they took in killing Solo.”