Wednesday, February 8

OIC Gambia Secretariat mobilises nearly $200M to implement projects says VP Touray

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Dr. Touray was speaking during the opening of a two-day national convergence which aims to adopt the terms of reference  for the Local Organising Committee and its subcommittees, draw out roadmap for the summit and adopt a comprehensive national budget towards the planning and coordination of the budget.   

Speaking about the importance of the project, VP Touray said: “Collectively, these development projects will not only boost commercial activities but also promise to improve our urban outlook, advance the standard of living, create employment as well as enhance our regional competitiveness in many ways,” she said.

Dr. Touray said the government of President Barrow views the OIC venture as a legacy project that would stand to benefit Gambians of all creeds and colours for several decades as well as form the basis to build better in the future.

Many Gambians have expressed doubt on the completion of the OIC-Gambia projects ahead of the world’s second largest gathering due in 2022.

However, Dr. Touray said she has been assured that the Secretariat and its implementing partners are handling the projects with utmost priority in a diligent manner.

“I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that the government, under President Barrow’s leadership, will continue to prioritise OIC matters and shall accord the consolidated OIC budget with all the support it needs,” she assured.

The nation’s to second top official expressed gratitude to the national organising committee for volunteering their precious time just working towards the success of the OIC summit in the Gambia.

She urged LOC to redouble their commitment to the cause and understand that the country puts its hope and aspirations in them to make all Gambians proud in the eyes of the whole world.

She acknowledged that the public is anxious about seeing the physical commencement of some aspects, particularly road construction. “This is understandable due to the daily traffic hassle that most people face,” she added.

The Gambia will host the 2022 OIC Heads of State and governments, which is the second-largest inter-governmental gathering of world leaders after the United Nations General Assembly.