Monday, December 4

OIC Gambia Secretariat’s Boss Explains Delays in OIC Projects

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By: Sandally Sawo

The Head of the Gambia OIC Secretariat, Mr. Yankuba Dibba, has said some OIC projects “are really suffering”, adding that the delays are most of the time caused by the relationship between contractors and consultants.

“As you can see, some of our projects are really suffering. The common man doesn’t understand. It’s not a question of resources. The resources are there but oftentimes, the problemsemanate from the relationship between contractors and consultants,” Mr. Dibba revealed at the signing ceremony of a Saudi Fund-funded multi-million-dollar water project on Thursday.

The OIC Gambia Secretariat has secured $22.5M from the Saudi Fund for the implementation of a critical water infrastructural project in the country ahead of the OIC conference in Banjul later this year