Tuesday, January 31

OIC – Is The Gambia Siding With Azerbaijan Against Armenia ?

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Deputy Ambassador of the Gambia to the OIC, Abubakar Jah, said that Armenia must answer for crimes against Azerbaijan before international justice.

Jah made the remarks Thursday at a press conference on the visits to Azerbaijan’s Aghdam and Ganja by the OIC Contact Group’s delegation on the Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan.

“OIC representatives witnessed great destruction in the territories of Azerbaijan liberated from Armenian occupation,” Deputy Ambassador of the Gambia to the OIC, Abu Bakr Jah, said.

“In the liberated territories of Azerbaijan, we saw destroyed mosques, and everything was ruined. Attempts were made to destroy life here completely, but this was not achieved. Life will be restored; here again, people will return to their homes,” he said.

The deputy ambassador stressed that the perpetrators of crimes committed in Azerbaijan’s territories must answer before international justice.

The Gambian diplomat’s statement in the press conference is trending in Azerbaijan media where political commentators recurrently mention The Gambia’s bold step to seek Justice for the Rohingya Muslims.