Monday, December 4

OIC Roads: What The People Say?

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By: Fatoumatta J. Camara & Fatima Baldeh

After several months of public criticism of the progress of the construction works on the Coastal Road/Senegambia Highway, some road users have praised the Barrow government for the progress it recently registered on the roads.

Works have significantly progressed on this component of the OIC roads project as the roads have now been tarred with rows and rows of electricity transmission poles. The construction of bridges is also at an advanced stage while other road features have also been added.

“We have seen commendable progress in the road works as the roads have not only been widened but also smoothened. This has significantly eased the flow of traffic and reduced commuting time,” taxi driver SaikouCeesay acknowledged in a vox pop conducted by The Voice.  

Hawker Alieu Ceesay said the vehicular traffic on the Coastal Road/Senegambia Highway has markedly improved in recent times.

“I really want to tell the government that we appreciate the progress they’ve made. Traffic flows with little or no hindrance at all and this is indeed commendable and deserving of a pat on the back,” he stated.

“We are yearning for more development ahead so that the country can progress,” Ceesay added.

Dealer in women’s wear Abdou Jobe said: “The new roads are a pleasure to drive through. They’ve been expanded and well-paved. Every Gambian wants to see the country move forward and not otherwise. Citizens, who were out of the country for three or four years, will be pleased to see the transformation that the country is currently experiencing. We will continue to pray for more infrastructural development to lift the face of the country. We are really delighted by the new roads and would like to thank God and the government for that.”

Another interlocutor said: “The roads are now bigger, smoother and freer than before.” 

“I am so happy to be a witness to this massive development,” Abdoulie Bah said. He added: “The way they are working is good and I appreciate it a lot. Initially, I was confused about how everything was being done but I can see the entire picture now. And I am sure that once completed, the traffic will improve more.”