Monday, December 4

OIC Says Tech World’s Donation Will Reinforce SK Health Centre’s Capacity

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The Officer-In-Charge (OIC) of Serekunda Health Centre, David Jr.  Daye, has acknowledged that Tech World Limited’s recent donation to the health centre will reinforce its capacity to provide quality healthcare services.

The OIC, therefore, expressed “profound” gratitude and appreciation to the oil and gas company for their support.

Tech World recently donated fans, an air conditioner, chairs and tables to Serekunda Health Centre. The items were valued at D150,000. 

According to Mr Daye, Tech World has unfailingly demonstrated its commitment to plough back to society, describing the company as prominent and well-established. 

“Their recent contribution towards the development of our health centre exemplifies their dedication to the well-being of the people in our community,” he further acknowledged.

Mr Daye said the donation would enhance the capacity of the health centre to meet the growing medical care needs of patients and their families. He explained that despite being faced with material resource constraints, the Serekunda Health Centre strives to provide comprehensive healthcare service to the masses.“Due to financial constraints, we often face challenges in maintaining and upgrading our facilities. The generous donation from Tech World has been a true game-changer for us,” said the OIC. He also acknowledged that the donation served as a morale boost for the staff.

The Communications Officer of Tech World, Mr. HatabNyang, said Tech World was thrilled to donate to Serekunda Health Centre. 

He explained that the donation was not unprecedented as Tech World has remained steadfast in supporting hospitals, communities and individuals in times of need.

Mr Nyang expressed the hope that the donated items would be beneficial to the health centre.