Sunday, December 3

Olay Ceesay: “Barrow will not bring the change we yearn for”

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By Alagie Manneh

President Barrow’s practice of appointing former ‘Jammeh enablers’ has dimmed any hope of a radical break from the past and justice for victims of his tyranny.

This bleak assessment was made by Olay Ceesay, a host on The Sisters Show whose brother Alhagie Mamut Ceesay and his friend Ebou Jobe were kidnapped and killed in The Gambia.

Speaking in a wide-ranging interview with The Standard, she said: “We were all initially hopeful but that hope did not last long as we began to see the same people that were in the Jammeh regime still in the same or similar positions. If we are going to make changes, how can the same people that caused the problems be the ones leading the change. In the US, in corporate America when a CEO of a company or even a very senior leader of a company is fired, when the new CEO gets in the first thing they usually do is to get rid of most of the people at the top and bring in new people. They know that if they are hired to bring in change, it’s almost impossible to make an effective change with the same people at the top. Based on the people that I have seen surrounding Barrow, I am very skeptical that we will be seeing the change that we all yearn for”.