Wednesday, February 1

Omar Touray Seeks Assistance to Treat His Leg

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By: Kebba AF Touray

Omar Touray, a native of Brikama, is seeking support from all and sundry to help him regain his normal working condition. He is reported to have been suffering pain in his hip which makes it difficult for him to move his left leg.

According to Touray’s medical report, he was diagnosed with hip dislocation on his left leg.

The report indicated that following NSAID, steroids, physiotherapy treatments and psychological counseling, it was recommended for Touray to undergo treatment, with a view to restore his normal walking condition.

The report said there was scar formation around his left hip region, with mild tenderness on palpation and decrease range of motion on external and internal hip rotation. It indicated that at time of admission, there was no obvious bruising, sepsis or gangrene and that blood flow to the whole left lower extremity looks normal.