Tuesday, November 29

‘Operation Cleanse NPP’ Demand Change Of Regional Executive Committees

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Members of Operation Cleanse NPP

By Ramatoulie Jawo

Operation Cleanse NPP, claiming to be a grassroots group within the party, is asking President Adama Barrow to call a party Congress as soon as possible to allow party militants and supporters to select the executives running the affairs of the party in the following regions, Kanifing Municipality, Banjul, and the West Coast. In addition, they are also demanding a restructuring of the National campaign committee.

Speaking to journalists, Fanding Baldeh, a member of the group, said the movement is not only set up to express dissatisfaction about the unacceptable poor performance of their party in the last national Assembly elections but also to serve as a pressure group for reform and to restore hope, trust, and confidence within their party (NPP) and with its coalition partners.

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Baldeh added that the Party is a young party that has not gone through a rigorous process in its establishment and selection of its leadership. This lapse in the selection process has translated into numerous problems ranging from incompetency within the executive rank, and inefficiency in the utilization of resources which led to the party’s terrible and subpar performance in the just recently concluded National Assembly elections.

Baldeh also stressed that in the recently concluded National Assembly elections, NPP did not have a properly constituted campaign team in the urban corridor and this is why they lose in all of KMC, Banjul, and West Coast save for one.

The group stressed that the party stands to lose in the upcoming councilor by-elections if the President doesn’t endeavor to restructure the current executives running the party’s affairs in Banjul, Kanifing Municipality, and the West Coast region. Such an outcome [losing the by-elections], they warn, will result in a huge blow for the party and the morale of its supporters.

Speaking at the same event, Dimansa Kujabi lamented that if things don’t change soon, their party will most likely lose the chairmanship in the West Coast region, because the people in that region are not happy with the way things are going. He further stressed the effect this leadership deficit will have on the longevity of the party and the legacy of its leader: “We are very disappointed with the current leadership and we did not want NPP to die after Barrow’s regime. We want it to stay for president Barrow’s legacy”, Kujabi added.