Monday, September 25

Opposition urged to form alliance for 2023 local gov’t elections

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By Adama Makasuba

The Gambian opposition parties have been urged to form a tactical alliance ahead of next year’s local government and council elections to stop the National People’s Party from winning.

The Gambia will head back to the polls in 2023 to elect new mayors, chairpersons, and councilors who will steer the affairs at the local level until 2028.

Meanwhile, Momodou Cham Jnr, a key figure in Gambia Democratic Congress, said it is high time for the nation’s opposition parties to come together to prevent Barrow’s party from securing majority seats in the elections.

“Just like we said during the National Assembly election, I said it’s good for the opposition to come together, which happens in many countries and yielded good results. So, it’s good for the opposition to come together for the upcoming local government election to form a tactical alliance to ensure the NPP doesn’t control the councils because they play crucial roles in the development of the country,” he said.

“In fact, it’s not safe to give the NPP such a position because the party has been given the presidential seat and what we have seen should be a lesson. We have seen the poor state of the health care system, education, insecurity, high cost of living, rampant corruption, and how the nation is divided, and they are not doing any efforts to address these problems,” he added.

According to him, GDC will put up candidates, but still, he called on the opposition to form a tactical alliance to win the elections. He said he will accept to sit and discuss with the president on national issues. “I will tell him, I don’t hate you, what I disagree with is how you are governing the country. And if I sit with him, I will tell him the problems I have been saying on the radio stations and in the newspapers, for him to look into ways in addressing those problems in the country,” he stated.