Tuesday, March 21

Organizers of WAFU Zone A Women’s football championship calls for improvement and standards

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The organizers of the WAFU Zone a Women’s football championship have called for improved standards of the championship in Sub-regional.

They made the call at a forum organized for coaches and assistant coaches attended by Women’s Scorpions Head Coach Mariama Bom Sowe and her Assistant Omar Cham in Cape Verde on Thursday.

The day’s forum was meant to bring together all the participating coaches and technicians to share ideas and experiences in terms of technical, tactical, and physical preparations and to do an evaluation of the group stage matches.

At the end of the day, the workshop makes recommendations to the sub-regional body for better organization and improvement in the future WAFU Zone a Women’s football championships.

The workshop is being conducted by the Senegalese Women’s Head coach Mam Musa Ceesay who also serves as a CAF Instructor.

A similar workshop will also be conducted for Commissioners and Coordinators under the umbrella of WAFU Zone A.

This initiative is borne by the President Mr. Lamin Kaba Bajo who following his assumption as WAFU Zone A Boss has cataloged wide-ranging measures to increase the sub-regional participation and polish the structures and competitions to friendly but standard measures.