Wednesday, June 7

Our country is turning to Columbia of West Africa – Barrister Bubacarr

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By: Mama A. Touray

Former Drug Law Enforcement Agency officer, Bubacarr FM Colley has lamented The Gambia is gradually turning into a Columbia of West Africa.

He made this statement as the authorities of the drug law enforcement agency demoted Ebrima Fatty from the rank of inspector to a sub-inspector.

In his Facebook live statement, Barrister Bubacarr FM Colley said “We are sailing and sinking, our country is in a very sad situation and I think someone somewhere should step in before it’s too late, as our country is gradually turning to a Columbia of West Africa and the activities going on at the drug law enforcement agency is sad.”

Explaining the issue that led to the demotion of Fatty, Colley said “Ebrima Fatty received information that some Guinea Bissau nationals are most likely drug dealers at Westfield, and the person who saw them was not satisfied as they having a briefcase and any person who sees them will see something suspicious about them.

“After receiving the information,” he added, “one CID officer for reinforcement went after the people he was told about at Westfield, before reaching the scene he felt that his strength is still not enough, so he went to Kanifing magistrate court to have some court oddly (police guide).”

He indicated that “Ebrima Fatty went to Westfield with his reinforcement team and sighting those two Guineans, one wanted to run because they looked really suspicious. He arrested them and told them that he wanted to invite them to the station when he said that to them they resisted and the Gambians there were the ones who said they have to go with the officers. But before going to the police station, they (the two Guineans) called the Guinea Bissau Embassy. The same Guinea Bissau ambassador is the person who was intercepted with drugs.”

Colley however, added that the suspects were invited to the station, saying Fatty conducted a search on them and could not find anything and that before he get done with the search, the Guinea Bissau ambassador came to the office and said he understands that they have two of his citizens under custody and Ebrima replied: ‘Yes.’”

Meanwhile, he said Fatty explained the reason he invited them to the station. Added that the ambassador told Fatty to reveal the informant and Fatty refused to reveal his informant, and the Ambassador reported Fatty to the authorities, which led to the demotion of Ebrima Fatty for merely doing his job.

“The drug law enforcement agency demoted a competent officer who is doing his job, this is what they just did, someone who is sacrificing his life, resources, and his last breath to fight drugs for The Gambia,” he stressed.

Colley alleged that there are drug dealers in that agency because an officer who suspects an individual, invites him to the station, and conducts a search on him cannot be demoted like that.

“Why are you demoting that officer, because a complaint was lodged against him by an Ambassador and remind you some time ago that the ambassador some cocaine was recovered in the official car. So who are the drug dealers,” he asked.