Tuesday, December 5

Ousainou Was Directed to My House ByChef De Garage-Witness

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By Mama A. Touray

The 3rd prosecution witness (PW3) in the trial of Ousainou Bojang yesterday testified under cross-examination that Ousainou was directed to her house by the chef de garage of Jululung.

Responding to questions posed by defenseLawyer Lamin J. Darboe, PW3 Mama Jabbiesaid she could not confirm whether the Jululungchef de garage was at any time invited by the Senegalese police over Ousainou’s issue. She said she was not also aware whether any individual was invited by the Senegalese police in connection to Ousainou.

Still testifying under cross-examination, Mama told the High Court that she had two phones but had to remove the SIM card of one of the phones as, according to her, some individuals were calling to abuse her.

“I removed the SIM card from the phonebecause they used to insult me,” she further testified.

Asked about the phone’s number, Mama responded that she couldn’t recall it but wouldremember it when read out to her. When both of her numbers were read to her, she confirmed that the Qcell number was also her WhatsApp number but was unable to confirm her Africellnumber. When asked about the duration that she used the Africell number, she replied that she had used it for a while but could not recall whether it was up to one year.

Mama told the court that she is a Guinean married to a Gambian and considers herself a Gambian.

She explained to the court that she had taken a photo of Ousainou and recorded her encounter with him but went on to say that the phone that had the audio recording was no longer working but said the one with Ousainou’s photo was with her at the court. Counsel Darboe referred the witness to her previous statement that she removed the SIM card from the phone because people were insulting her through the phone. She, however, maintained that even after removing the SIM card, the audio remained in the phone. 

Meanwhile, when asked about his knowledge of any relationship between President Barrow and one Musa Camara, Mama replied that she did not know whether he had any relationship with President Adama Barrow.

On why she called Musa Camara, Mama said it was only Camara she knew at the police, adding she only met him on the day she called him and the day they traveled together from Jululung to The Gambia.

It could be recalled that Mama during her courtappearance on 14 November 2023, explainedthat Ousainou Bojang met her at her compound in Jululung two months ago. She explained that Ousainou left The Gambia and traveled to Jululung, where he met the chef de garage and told him that he needed help because something had mistakenly happened and that he was directed to her [Mama Jabbi’s] house. Mama said Ousainou had sought help from her as, according to him, his life was destroyed. She said she took a picture of Ousainou and recorded him after asking him his name and address.