Wednesday, September 27

Over 15,000 People Affected By Floods Nationwide-NDMA  –

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More than 15,000 persons have been negatively impacted by floods while a little over 1000 households were affected by windstorms, according to the latest NDMA update on the impact of this year’s rainy season.

The update, based on data obtained from the agency’s server from June 14June-7 August, also provided a picture of the extent of the floods’ impact on infants and pregnant/lactating women.

According to the data, 15, 316 persons have been affected by floods while 4,040 infants and 1,137 pregnant/lactating women have been impacted during the period under consideration. The floods also affected 2,748 houses, 850 Wash facilities, and 4,298 Internally Displaced Persons (IDS).

Meanwhile, 1,081 households have been impacted by windstorms, the data showed.

CRR North recorded the lowest number of affected persons while URR recorded the highest.