Friday, September 22

Over 20,000 Persons Affected By Floods, Windstorms-NDMA

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By: The Voice Reporter

Over 19,000 individuals have been affected by floods while more than 1,000 households have been affected by windstorms, NDMA’s latest update on the impact of the rains revealed.

According to the data collected by the agency from 14 June to 24 August, 19,118 persons were affected by floods while windstorms affected 1,395 households countrywide.

No death has been reported for the period but the update showed an uptick in the number of persons and households impacted by the floods and windstorms.

The last NDMA update showed that 15,316 persons were affected by floods while it revealed that 1,081 households were impacted by windstorms from 14 June to 7 August.

Meanwhile, NBR recorded the lowest number of affected populations hit by disasters with 803 persons being impacted while WCR recorded the highest with 5734 persons affected.

In CRR North, 818 persons have been affected while 2761 persons have been impacted in CRR South.

In Kanifing Municipality, 2896 persons have been affected while 5160 persons were affected in the URR.