Wednesday, December 6

Over 300 Gambians In Niger Appeal For Help From Gambia Government

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Migrants in Niger

By Buba Gagigo

A group of over 300 Gambians, who have reportedly been deported from Tunisia and Algeria to Niger, is urgently appealing to the Gambian Government for assistance, particularly in securing food and relief.

“We are currently in Niger, some of us were deported from Tunisia and others from Algeria,” one of the Gambians told Kerr Fatou. “There are more than 300 Gambians here, and we are really suffering because there’s a lot of dust, and some of us are seriously sick. Food is always a problem. We have seen other countries come for their citizens and leave us here. We are appealing to the Gambia government to come to our rescue because we are really suffering here. We just wanted to reach Europe to help our underprivileged families, but it was not destined by God. Now we want to go back home.”

The stranded Gambians in Niger can be reached on +2203869689 for support.