Tuesday, October 4

Over 500 NPP youth defect to UDP in CRR

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The defected youth are from Jengi Wollof, Chamen Nianija, Jahawur, Jimballa, Simbara Maka and other villages.
They were escorted to UDP leader A.N.M. Ousainu Darboe from Ballangarr to Kaur where the party held a mega rally with thousands of supporters.
Darboe was welcomed to the ground by horse riders.
According to the youth, their reasons for leaving NPP include wanting to join a party that is ready to change the Gambia for good, and bring development to their region.
They also said that the country should be led by someone who knows about governance and can transform the country.
The youth said the previous and current government neglected them, saying they lack job opportunities, skills centres, good roads, quality education and health care as well as development sectors and facilities.
Halimatou Sowe, who led the youth, advised natives of CRR North to be part of history making people this year by being among those who will accompany UDP party leader to State House come December.
Halimatou claimed that Darboe is one of the reasons President Barrow was elected into power but said since then he has betrayed UDP.
She stated that the party’s five point agenda should motivate everyone to join the party as it is the only solution to Gambia’s problems.
Doro Bah, regional chairman, said all signs show that UDP will win this year’s presidential elections.
UDP Party leader Ousainu Darboe expressed delight with the hospitality accorded to him, saying he will bring digital infrastructure to not only the region but entire country when elected.
He added that he will rapidly develop agriculture, education, health and other sectors when elected and therefore appealed to Gambians to vote for him for a better Gambia.