Saturday, April 1

Pa Ceesay says GFF election result gives them more zeal to restore confidence in Gambian football

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By Arfang M.S Camara

Pa Alieu Ceesay, a member of Team Restore Confidence said that losing the election will give them more zeal on how to restore confidence in the country’s football.

Pa Alieu Ceesay, who was contesting for an Executive Committee Member position before withdrawing his candidacy, was speaking in an interview with reporters after their leader Sadibou Kamaso got defeated in the presidential position by incumbent Kaba Bajo.

“We will not do away from football because we lost the election. We will go to AGMs and make sure things go right. We have a lot of issues that we outlined such as making sure that projects that are meant for football are delivered,” he said.

“Football is our life. People have to understand that we eat football, we live football and we die for football. We talk about football and spend our monies on football and anything we do has to do with football,” Mr. Ceesay continued.

He added that they are football stakeholders and they will continue to leave with football and also to ensure that things go right.

According to him, the election was transparent and the process went all fine, adding that they didn’t have any agreement only to ensure that the voting process goes fine on the election day.

“We were very hopeful after we analyzed the number of people we spoke with. Most of the people who gave us their words have a change of mind on the day of the election.”

Asked why they all redrew their candidature after the announcement of the presidential election, he replied, that it has always been the norm for the past elections that after the president position is announced, all the other candidates from other camps will decline to give chance to the other executive members to continue their job.

“This year’s GFF election was very technical. People have to understand sports politics is very critical. You talked to people who swore on the Holy Quran that they are with you but at the end of the day, they do otherwise.”

He added that this is sports politics in The Gambia, noting that they weren’t expecting to lose the election.