Friday, March 24

Pa Modou Mbowe tells IEC to be neutral in APRC disarray

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By Adama Makasuba

Pa Modou Mbowe, spokesman for the breakaway APRC has told the Independent Electoral Commission to be neutral in the party’s division and mediate rightly.

“We are the real APRC, the APRC of Babili Mansa because he is the bona fide leader of APRC. Our constitution is similar to the constitution of The Gambia and for that reason only President Yahya Jammeh has the power to hire and fire. He has fired many people by just telephone calls. He fired MA Bah and hired Fabakary Tombong Jatta.

“If Fabakary was that popular, let him just go to the NPP and leave us with our party. This party belongs to Babili Mansa. There was a lot of resistance at the start of 2017 when Fabakary Tombong Jatta wanted to take us to Barrow, but we refused,” he said.

“IEC should be fair and never allow Fabakary Tombong Jatta and his people to put them into trouble because what FabakaryTombong Jatta and Dodou Jah are saying is implicating them. Because we didn’t do any congress since Jammeh left this country. Our last congress was in 2015 and we only endorsed Jammeh to continue leading.

“When PPP had a problem, IEC mediated and resolved that problem and when NCP had a problem, IEC again mediated and resolved that problem and that’s their job to mediate. They are referees, they shouldn’t show their side. What they are doing now is implicating themselves and they don’t need that. IEC should always be taken to court. The likes of Dr Ceesay took them to court here. They need to be neutral because they are an independent electoral commission,” he added.

According to him, he said IEC is taking side with Tombong Jatta-led executive, “and honestly, we are not going to let this case rest. Yes, this letter comes from Yahya Jammeh. The letter came through me. No one can sign a WhatsApp but this letter comes from President Yahya Jammeh. We are disregarding the Bwiam congress because it was not done rightly. It was done to deceive APRC members and supporters. It was done in the interest to support President Adama Barrow as said by Barrow during the political campaign,” he added.