Friday, September 22

Pa Njie Girigara Says If Gambians Had Elected PDOIS The Situation Would Have Been Different

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Pa Njie Girigara, a prominent supporter of the National People’s Party (NPP)

By Buba Gagigo

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Pa Njie Girigara, a prominent supporter of the NPP, has claimed that Gambians are to blame for the high cost of living. He believes that if the PDOIS were in power, the situation would be different.

“What Gambians are feeling today in terms of the expensive Cost of living is happening all over the world except two countries (Russia and China). They are not suffering inflation but all other countries in the world are suffering inflation. I will not blame them (the government) hundred percent I will blame Gambians instead. Do you know why? because if Gambians elected PDOIS, Halifa Sallah’s party, we will not be in this situation today. PDOIS’s Agricultural Policy, Economic Policy, and Health and Education Policies are the best. Because even NPP doesn’t have a programme, UDP doesn’t have a programme, and PPP never had a programme. What goes around the world is what they will apply blindly without even studying the realities unlike PDOIS because PDOIS has an ideology,” he said.

Pa Njie Girigara supported the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) during the 2016 presidential election but abandoned GDC and Supported the president’s National People’s Party (NPP) during the 2021 presidential election.

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