Wednesday, March 22

PAP will present not less than 20 candidates for upcoming election

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By: Mustapha Jarju

EbrimaTaboraManneh, the leader of the newly registered People Alliance Party (PAP) has declared that his party will contest for the local government election by presenting between 10 to 20 candidates to contest for the positions of chairmanship, Mayoral, and councillorship. 

In an interview with The Voice newspaper, on Monday, Mr. Manneh said they will do their selections in areas where they have strong candidates. Noting that PAP has identified places where they have strongholds and they are currently scouting their candidates to adhere to the principles of the party.

“If we had a year’s preparation or more than 6 or 7 months then we would have prepared ourselves with good advertisement and have a stronghold to contest throughout the country. We will never boycott an election unless it’s clear to all that it will be to our disadvantage.”

PAP Leader TaboraManneh added his party will be limited to areas they can contest and they are currently working on their preparation by discussing with people and they are ready for endorsement in areas that they will not be contesting.

“There can be people who may not be affiliated with the party but who are very well principle and good candidates that we believe can deliver to satisfy the needs and expectations of their areas. When we see such kind of people we will partner with them because at the end of the day what matters is to have the best service for the country,” he said.

According to him the selected areas where PAP will have candidates who will be contesting for the coming local government elections include Banjul, West Coast Region, Bundung, Jeshwang, Ebo Town, Tallinding, throughout North Bank Region, and Upper River Region. Also, they are recruiting candidates in Wuli Area, Basse, and Niamina Area in the Central River Region. 

Meanwhile, he added that some people think politics is all about hype and noise but there is a lot of underground work, and recently they are meeting people at the grassroots level that they are communicating with in other to form their committees with trust in the principles of the party.