Wednesday, October 4

Paramilitary Teargases Yanks Darboe’s Supporters

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By: Mama A. Touray

The paramilitary Thursday fired teargas at the supporters of the BAC Chairman as they congregated at the Banjul Magistrates’ Court to show solidarity withthe chairman.

The supporters arrived at the court environment a few minutes before BAC chair Yankuba Darboe arrived.

They were chanting the Never Again slogan. Some of the supporters were carrying a banner with the inscription BAC SENEYA Project in Solidarity WithYankuba Darboe.

BAC chair’s supporters appeared to have prepared themselves for today’s confrontation as some were armed with palm oil and mentholated balms to water down the effect of the gas from the police. 

The supporters erupted in wild excitement as Darboe arrived at the court. They kept their cool as proceedings went on and it was only when the BAC chair emerged from the court that they started to chantthe Never Again slogan again as they accompanied Darboe to his waiting car.